i-Moblellc is a U.S. privately held responsible tech solutions company that specializes in consumer electronics and covers worldwide companies. We provide customer premier mobile repair and purchase-sell services that range from device repairing and refurbishing to selling solutions.
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Waxing Hair Removal is a type of semi-permanent hair removal that lasts four to six weeks. In this process, hair is pulled out by the root, leaving skin smooth for about one month. Hair that has been waxed grows back softer and sporadically. Shaving, in contrast, merely trims the hair at skin level resulting in it growing back thicker and faster. For the wax to effectively grip the hair for removal, the hair needs to be at least quarter of an inch long. Waxing is done most effectively on clean skin without any oil or residue. Waxing can be used to remove unwanted hair from most areas of the body and face.
FBay Platform is a proprietary technology that addresses the pervasive need for integrated EHR environments in healthcare provider facilities without the overly expensive and disruptive data migration of system switching projects. This creates immediate value for US providers, enabling them to qualify and receive Medicare/ Medicaid federal EHR program incentives four times faster and cheaper than any other solution on the market.
CareConnext®️ is a technology platform that helps hospitals to integrate electronic health record (EHR) systems that are critical to the healthcare reform and improvement of quality and cost of care. Medicare/Medicaid launched EHR program that offers financial incentives to hospitals that meet program requirements and penalizes those that do not. CareConnext®️ enables the hospitals to qualify for EHR program 4 times faster and at a fraction of a cost than any alternative.
Elite Medical Training was founded by a Registered Nurse, Firefighter-Paramedic, and Respiratory Therapist team that recognized the need for practical, common sense CPR/First Aid, and Healthcare training. That’s why all of our instructors are active First Responders such as Firefighters, RN’s, RT’s, Paramedics, & Healthcare Professionals who have real world experience in applying the skills they teach. In addition, we work tirelessly to maintain the latest guidelines issued by the American Heart Association. This is to ensure that our students are equipped with the most up-to-date techniques, information, and training. We pride ourselves in providing the best experience possible to all of our clients. American Heart Association Classes BLS ACLS PALS NRP

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